Mahina App Features - Creating Beautiful Events

Create Eye-catching events

With great emphasis on UI and UX design, we have crafted beautiful event templates that look and work great as well.

Mahina App Features - Creating Events

Customise Themes that fit your design language

With a wide-variety of customisation options, you have the ability to design Events completely to your liking. Additionally, you can save multiple themes that can be switched between any time you want.

Mahina App Features - RSVP invitations

RSVP invitations

Open up your event for visitors.

Mahina App Features - Craft your Email RSVP response

Craft your Email RSVP response

Mahina Event Calendar App allows you to send customised email responses to your customers when they RSVP to your event.

Mahina App Features - Lets your customers set a reminder

Lets your customers set a reminder

With a click of a button, customers can set a reminder on their Google and Yahoo calendars for the events they don't want to miss.

Mahina App Features - Session Breakdown

Break down your events into Sessions

Got a very long event? Break it down into sessions and provide your customers detailed information about the event's itinerary.

Mahina App Features - Take your events Online

Take your events Online

Engage your audiences online, as you take your events to the virtual space. We provide a customisable form that offers offline and online event options.

Mahina Features - Event-wise statistics<

Event-wise statistics

Get a breakdown of how your events are performing with event-wise statistics of Impression, clicks and RSVP response rates.